He Saw Two Dark Figures On A Deserted Highway, But They’re Cuter Than You’d Think

When Jordan Kahana, an avid dog lover, got cold feet about adopting a husky pup, he thought that was where the story would end. Life had other plans.

With his office closed for the holidays, Kahana saw this as the perfect opportunity to take an impromptu road trip. Making the hours-long excursion from Los Angeles to Arizona, Kahana sought out to film his entire journey to the Grand Canyon. In the middle of his travels, he saw two dark shapes stranded in the middle of the road. After getting a closer look, he discovered that they were two eight-week-old puppies.

After rescuing the two pups and taking them to a nearby animal hospital, Kahana made a drastic decision that would change all three lives for the better!

(via LittleThings)

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That’s certainly one road trip he’ll never forget. Be sure to share this post and keep up with Kahana and the pups’ adventures by checking out their YouTube channel.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/desert-pups/


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