This Family Got A Heartbreaking Diagnosis, But They’re Not Giving Up. You Can Help!

Kids fighting cancer and their families have to go through so much.

Charlie Proctor, who is just three years old, has already been fighting a tough battle with liver cancer for over a year. His mother, Amber Schofield, is speaking out about their family’s struggle, and she hopes to both inspire other young moms going through the same thing and raise money to continue Charlie’s treatment.

Charlie was diagnosed with liver cancer in January 2016 and has been through 19 rounds of chemotherapy that have taken a toll on his body.

“For the past week he’s had so little energy, he won’t even let you look at him,” Amber said. “He’s lost so much weight that you can see so many of his tiny bones.”

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Amber was pregnant with Charlie when she was just 18 years old, and she hopes documenting their journey together will help other young moms who have to deal with something similar.

Doctors recently realized that Charlie was in need of a blood transfusion.

Physicians who initially believed he had up to a 90 percent chance of survival have admitted that chemotherapy is not working as well as they had hoped.

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