Dubai in the sky: 12 restaurants with a great view

(CNN)It’s home to the world’s tallest building and the world’s tallest hotel, so it’s no surprise that Dubai’s skyline is also host to some of the world’s best high-rise dining experiences.

This glistening city offers a host of luxurious sky-high venues where it’s possible to eat and drink while enjoying epic panoramic views.
In January 2017, things are getting even more extreme thanks to the launch of the crane-hoisted Dinner in the Sky.
This unique experience involves being strapped in a bucket seat while dangling over the city’s International Marine Club.
That not high enough?
It’s also possible to charter a helicopter while nibbling dates for two.
Here are some more of the top sky-high restaurants and bars Dubai has to offer.
Just be warned: the heights — and the accompanying prices — might be vertigo-inducing.

Dinner in the sky

Take a crane.
Park it in one of Dubai’s luxury hotels.
Attach it to a specially made dining space and have it hoisted up.
Welcome to Dining in the Sky.
This unique-meets-kitsch concept was launched in Belgium and Germany 10 years ago, and will be in the UAE from January. Diners are strapped into bucket seats while staff serve a high-end meal.
Dinner priced at about $190.

40 Kong – The H Hotel, Dubai


An array of Korean and Japanese food is served up at this 31st-floor hotel, which offers uninterrupted panoramic views of the city.
As one would expect from a W Hotel, the vibe is sexy and cool, with pulsing house beats and red accents.
An open kitchen perches in the center, serving up small dishes made to share.
The result is that wagyu short rib steamed buns can be devoured beside Korea’s popular bibimbap (here a mix of rice and vegetables with a thick, sticky sauce).
Prices vary but expect to pay around $70 per person.

La Mome – Nassima Royal Hotel

Newly opened La Mome has fine French food, 49th-floor views toward downtown Dubai, and a buzzing pre-dinner crowd.
This homegrown restaurant takes inspiration from singer Edith Piaf and the 1950s.
Dangling vintage light bulbs create a warm Parisian atmosphere.
The dinner menu is decidedly French, with snails, cte de buf, pigeon and plenty of cheeses playing a part.
Mains from $27.

Private Jet Charter

And one to write home about…
In Dubai, the land where luxury knows no limit, there’s one incredibly exclusive way to dine high in the sky: have a meal in a helicopter.
Lightfoot Travel, a luxury travel company, can organize trips with Abu Dhabi Aviation.
Guests are picked up from Dubai then are served dates and chocolate while flying over the UAE.
The quiet helicopter is rumored to feel like driving in a Mercedes.
With Private Jet Charter, it’s possible to feast on sandwiches and sodas while in the sky, served with a side of serious bragging rights.
From $3,600 for five people with Private Jet Charter.

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