Rosie O’Donnell Trolls White House With Bannon-Baiting Profile Pic

Is it really happening?

Days after fans urged Saturday Night Live to cast Rosie ODonnell as White House chief strategistSteve Bannon, the comic and longtime nemesis to President Donald Trump changed her profile picture on Twitter:

Rosie ODonnell

Is ODonnell just having a laugh at Bannons expense with the edited image … or is this a sign that Saturday Night Live will be extra lively this week?

Theres no official word yet but ODonnell dropped a YUGE hint on Twitter after one follower noted thata @Rosie picture is worth a thousand words.

She replied:

The stars certainly seem to be aligned: Saturdays host is Alec Baldwin, who has been playing Trump on the show this season. And it comes a week after Melissa McCarthys turn as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicerdrew rave reviews.

Politico reported that the president was not happy that Spicer was portrayed by a woman, which is what initially led fans to call on SNL to cast ODonnell next.

ODonnell said she would do it if asked.But she also poured some cold water on speculation that it could happen, calling it just a funny idea.

The change of her profile pic, however, could be a sign that the idea may be turning into reality … or she could just be trolling him.

One follower suggested just the speculation alone will make sure the White House is watching, even if it doesnt happen.

ODonnell replied:

So will it happen? Stay tuned!

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