7 Hong Kong policemen found guilty of assaulting Occupy protester

Hong Kong (CNN)Seven police officers were convicted Tuesday of assaulting a protester during Hong Kong’s pro-democracy demonstrations in 2014.

All the defendants faced one joint count of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, but in the end the city’s court convicted them with a lesser charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
The convicted officers face a maximum three years in prison, according to Hong Kong law.




Hong Kong protests explained


His beating was captured on video and caused widespread condemnation of police behavior in the city after it was aired on local TV station TVB.
Tsang, who was unarmed at the time, was hospitalized after the incident and sustained serious bruising.
In a separate case, Tsang was charged with assaulting police officers and resisting arrest on the same night he himself was beaten. He was found guilty in May 2016 and jailed for five weeks.s

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/14/asia/hong-kong-police-convicted/index.html


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