Linode challenges DigitalOcean with its new $5 instances

Linode has been in the virtual private server (VPS) game for longer than most, but in recent years, companies like DigitalOcean and Vultr have taken quite a bit of mindshare from the company. Now it looks like Linode is ready to fight back.

The company today announced the launch of a new $5/month plan that offers twice the memory (1 GB) of DigitalOceans and AWS Lightsails comparable $5 plan. In addition,Linode also launched a number of high-memory instances for application where memory is more important than storage and CPU power.

While todays announcement is Valentines Day-themed, its probably no surprise Linode announced this new plan today, given that DigitalOcean launched its load balancer this morning as well. Linode already offered this feature,after all, and likely wanted to steal a bit of thunder from its competitor.


For regular instances, Linodes service generally offers up to twice as much RAM as DigitalOceans with the rest of the features being more or less equal. As for the new high-memory plans, Linode tends to charge about half of what DigitalOcean charges for RAM, butat the lower end, Linode offers fewer CPU cores.

Linode makes it pretty easy to resize instances up or down, so if youre paying for a higher-end instance right now but maybe only need1 GB and a single CPU, you can probably save yourself a few bucks. The new low-end instances are definitely powerful enough for running a few hobby projects or a smaller, more specialized part of a larger application.

One feature Linode doesnt currently offer is a dedicated block storage service, something DigitalOcean introduced last year. The company says thats on its roadmap, though, and well likely see a beta release in the coming month. The same goes for the launch of a RESTful API and a new dashboard.

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