Waitress Hands Woman Flowers With Note, Then She Whips Her Head Around To See Whom Theyre From

When Olivia was out to lunch with her friend, she expected nothing but a nice day with some good food.

But a much more elaborate day unraveled instead, andthe video below catches every moment of it.

It all starts with a note.

Khai wants to surprise Olivia with the proposal of a lifetime, so he starts by lying to her, of course (only for the best reasons).

As he talks to her on the phone about their days, she is still completely clueless as to whats going on. Khai pretends hes still miles away, and going to work for the day. Olivia explains shes going out to lunch with a friend on aperfect-weathered day but Khai already knowsthat.

As her lunch unfolds she gets some surprises. The waitress comes over and hands her a note, and Olivia immediately tries to figure out whats going on but she cantyet.

Then flowers arrive, and the words inside the note put her in tears.

She seems to have a big clue now, and shes excited about it. As the scavenger hunt full of notes and loved ones continues, you can tell how thought out itis, and how in love these two are just wait until the grand finale.

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Video Credit:Bradley Productions

Due to restrictions, this video cannot
be viewed in your region.

Read more: https://www.littlethings.com/khai-and-olivia-proposal/


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