These 20 Epic Do-It-Yourself Fails Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

We all know that one person who, instead of seeking out help from others when something breaks, decides to try to fix whatever it is on their own.

But just because DIY shows are all the rage right now, doesn’t mean that everyone is cut out for taking on their own projects. Don’t get me wrong, we here at ViralNova love to encourage DIYers (and prospective DIYers), but unfortunately, not every undertaking turns out well.

The 20 do-it-yourselfers below given these projects their all. Next time, though, they should probably get in contact with some trained professionals.

1. So this is what people used to do before automatic locks!

2. An interesting DIY solution and an abstract art piece in one.

3. His car was a bit chilly, so he gave it a jacket.


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