Why Trump is skipping the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

(CNN)Donald J. Trump hates a lot of things, from “fake news” to intelligence leaks to even Nordstrom.


But there’s also another possible reason Trump doesn’t want to go. Simply put: Trump could never compete with Obama’s comedy chops and Trump knows it. He knows his performance at the WHCD will be compared to former President Obama’s performances, and that’s very bad for Trump. Objectively speaking there has not been a modern-day president in as good as Obama at delivering jokes. Period.
In contrast, while Trump can be funny off the cuff, he’s awful at delivering prepared jokes. Check out his performance in October at the Al Smith dinner. Trump read the jokes like he was reading an eye chart. He was even booed by the audience for some mean spirited jokes.
It’s likely we may never know the real reason why Trump plans to skip the WHCD. But he is truly missing out an opportunity to laugh at himself, which might just help elevate his historically low approval ratings.
Personally, my hope is that Alec Baldwin appears at the WHCD as Trump. That would be comedy gold! Or the WHCD could mock Trump in absentia, possibly having a Trump blow up doll sit on the dais.

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But if our President thinks not attending will insulate him from being mocked, he’s very mistaken. Donald Trump may ultimately be able to build a wall or impose a travel ban, but he will never, ever be able to stop comedy.

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/26/opinions/why-trump-bailed-on-whcd-obeidallah-opinion/index.html


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