Scorned Divorcee Builds 4-Foot Wide House To Get Revenge On Greedy Ex-Husband

In 1925, a tiny sliver of a house was built in the heart of Seattle, Washington. This was long before tiny homeshad become a popular movement in subculture.

There are two different stories behind the “Seattle Spite House.” One story is thata neighborlowballed the property owner, saying he couldn’t build on the land and so the owner built the home out of spite.

But the most popular story is about a couple who got divorced decades ago. According to OregonLive, the husband got the house and gave the small slice of front yard to his ex-wife. However, he told her the yard was toosmall for her to use, anyway.

Out of spite, she squeezed the pie-shaped home into the lot… and it’s been there ever since.

The result of the nasty divorce settlement is a tiny yet adorable two-bedroom, two-bathroom duplex that measures16 feet at its widest and 4 feet at its narrowest. It’s currentlylistedonZillowfor $519,900.

Clay Wallace, the current owner, boughtthe Seattle Spite House without knowing its fascinating history. Even through several renovations, he says he’s proud the duplex hasmaintained its incredible style and essence.

Take a tour of the Seattle Spite House below, and please SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!

Video Credit: Zillow

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