80-Year-Old Grandmother Opens Fire, Kills Home Invader Who Was Stabbing Her Husband

What would you do if you saw a loved one being murdered right before your eyes, as an armed assailant continually plunges the knife into them.

It’s one of the most depressing thoughts you could have, I know; that’s what makes what this 80-year-old grandmother did even more incredible – because she lived it. She listened from another room as a young robber kept stabbing her 75-year-old husband and had quick enough wit to grab a gun.

When she came out to the grizzly scene unfolding in her home she couldn’t stand it, the thought of losing her husband like this was even worse, so she opened fire. Her husband had to be transported by air to Seattle, Washington’s Harborview Medical Center in critical condition and the assailant was pronounced dead on scene when the police arrived.

It’s an incredibly tragic story and my heart goes out to that old woman – no one should ever have to live through something like that.

Read more: http://damn.com/grandma-shoots/


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