Call Center Tech – A Concise 10-Year Prediction

The call center industry is a fast-progressing arena that’s also filled with many hurdles and challenges. The industry focuses on the grounds of communication and expands into the realm of customer service. In the next ten years, there are some better prediction ideas that call center experts are banking on. If you’re planning to build your own virtual call center, you’ll gain many advantages by knowing what would possibly happen in the next 10 years.

Home-based Centers Will Become Common

Technology is rapidly improving year by year. You probably know that many home-based professions are now appearing like apples waiting to be picked. While on-site call centers will still be around, home-based centers are becoming the norm. Technology, even though expensive, is becoming more accessible for many people. Clients are also looking for cheaper yet reliable alternatives, shifting their focus to virtual call centers instead. Telecommuting will also be more favorable to agents because they wouldn’t need to leave the comfort and security of their homes.

Systems Can Monitor Agents’ Welfare

With technology changing for the better, it’s expected that call center infrastructure can monitor agents’ welfare as well. This can be done through proper behavioral analysis embedded in the center’s performance monitoring system. Constant feedback gathering is also important for the centers to understand what their agents are currently going through. While a system like this can eat up large resources and manpower, it can change the agents’ overall efficiency and productivity ratings. Aside from monitoring, resolution methods must be freely implemented by supervisors and managers.

Online Chat Inquiries Can Replace Phone Calls

The Internet has attained more power than ever. It paved the way for global communications, bridging one industry to another. Many businesses flourished with the help of the cyberspace, shifting inherent value to online communication. The average phone call is now reduced to minimal process of data exchange. In the next ten years, you’ll see heavy emphasis in online chat inquiries. People would expect results quickly and in just one window – as much as possible.

Ease of Access Can Be a Strong Conversion Factor

According to many marketing experts, customers are investing their trust to products and services that can make their lives easy. Ease of access has now become a strong conversion factor. Given this factor, you’ll see hundreds of call centers improving their services to make everything easy for their customers. You might as well do the same for your call center.

The Rise of Omnichannel Communication

Omnichannel communication is an emerging trend, not just in call center, but in other sectors as well. Video conferences, online meetings, productivity chatrooms, webinars – these are some of the best examples of omnichannel communication. Rather than meet face to face, agents can receive orders from superiors through the cloud. Organizations relying on omnichannel frameworks must have a coherent system to ensure that every detail is properly delivered. The shift to omnichannel communication is happening so quick that you might see results in five years, instead of ten.

Do you think all of these predictions make sense? Take note of these predictions, then consider putting them in your business plan. Very likely, your contact center will become more competitive in presenting solutions to all customers and agents alike.   888-276-1370




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