The Types of Dialers in Every Modern Contact Center

Every outbound contact center must have a dialer system in place. Without this system, there will be no automation and transactions might be lost. Therefore, you should consider finding the best dialers in call center industry so that your center’s operation will become as smooth as possible.

Before you start your search, you need to understand the main types of dialer software. Upon doing so, you’ll know which service provider can match your center’s needs.

Preview Dialer

Preview dialer is the most common type of outbound dialing interface. With this mode, agents can have a preview of the call information before the call is automatically initiated. Preview dialing system is popular in financial collection agencies because the agents need to know everything about the person they’re calling. Generally, preview dialing can benefit outbound agents because of the informational advantage.

Predictive Dialer

When it comes to productivity, predictive dialing is the best feature. Once an agent finishes a call, a new one will be initiated as long as the queue is full. To balance out the rate of incoming calls, an algorithm is placed by the software provider. This algorithm can be adjusted according to the speed required by the contact center. Most times, this pacing adjustment is done automatically. Perhaps one of the downsides of the predictive dialer system is the small rate of call abandonment. This is a common issue among global outbound contact centers. Nevertheless, global centers – especially big ones – are regulating this call abandonment problem.

Progressive Dialer

Progressive dialing is similar to predictive dialing in many ways. It can handle calls in lightning-speed and the algorithm is also adjusted variably. The only difference is that a progressive dialer system is specialized to minimize unanswered and ‘silent calls.’ Whenever a call is not answered within few seconds, the system disconnects. Afterwards, a new call will be loaded in the queue. Progressive dialing is useful in fast-paced sales environment where pitches and upselling happen in just seconds.

Power Dialer

The power dialing system is considered as a universal term for call platforms that can handle different variances. In a way, power dialers combine call speed, efficiency, and a host of other useful call monitoring processes. Power dialing can also focus on the volume of calls received by the platform, regardless of whether these calls are answered or not. Many companies choose power dialers because of the conversions and profits they can bring. In today’s contact center industry, power dialers are highly encouraged because they can help agents reach their daily goals. However, if you’re looking for a specific solution, a power dialing program can sometimes be‘overkill.’ So, make sure that you have an idea regarding the correct dialer system that’d fit your center.

Conclusion – Pick All Modes

While outbound dialing providers will have varying functionality rates on all dialer modes, there’s a chance that you can find one system that covers everything. Once you find this software, do not hesitate. Request a demo right away or avail the free trial. Such flexible system can give your call center a respective edge in the market.   888-276-1370



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