Top 5 Predictive Dialer Systems for Outbound Call Centers

Predictive dialers have been around for more than 10 years now. They are simple systems that can assist contact center representatives in handling all calls smoothly. Basically, a predictive dialer software or system ‘speed-dials’ a contact number in one or few buttons clicks. Without predictive dialer software, calls will take twice as long to be initiated. This can delay many transactions worldwide.

If you just built your outbound call center from scratch, you need to find the best predictive dialer system to help you out. To start your search for the best predictive dialer software for outbound call centers, here are some suggestions:

Electronic Voice Services

EVS or Electronic Voice Services has always been the ‘go-to’ when it comes to predictive dialing. The system offers a flexible predictive dialer interface, along with a host of other outbound call center solutions. With the full functionality of EVS, your agents can call multiple leads at once, thus saving valuable time. EVS also covers email marketing, advanced lead generation, call monitoring, and useful CRM functions.


VanillaSoft is a VOIP-based predictive dialer solution that can match your different needs. At first glance, you may think that VanillaSoft is just a simple all-around dialer system. However, this tool can achieve many different functions as well. CRM is the strong point of VanillaSoft, and it can compete with other popular predictive dialer tools in the market. It also has a free trial service so you can check out if VanillaSoft can fit your center’s needs.


CallFire is a modern solution for outbound call centers. Aside from a solid predictive dialing interface, CallFire offers sharp CRM integration function that still needs to be toppled. CallFire is the favorite of big businesses, but it’s quickly gaining ground in the small business arena as well. CallFire also offers cloud-based functions for better center performance.


If you’re going to round up a list of the best predictive dialers in the market, you’ll notice that Five9 usually appears. And why not? Five9 has excellent VOIP and predictive dialer functions in the market. Its predictive dialer interface also comes with various flexible modes that can fit any outbound call center’s foundation. Five9 also empowers social media integration, causing it to branch out to other areas of marketing. Award-winning Salesforce has also partnered with Five9 to serve more clients around the world.


CallShaper is the possible combination of all modern predictive dialer aspects. It has a powerful system that jumps from predictive dialing to advanced call monitoring procedures. Most of its services are cloud-based so you don’t have to worry about losing any valuable data. CallShaper’s creativity can be seen in terms of agent efficiency mechanics. Agents and supervisors can access CallShaper’s dashboard freely and with a lesser learning curve.


With many contenders in the market, it can be difficult to find the best option for your money. Therefore, you need to juggle different factors that’d matter best for your call center. Once you found a dynamic and versatile predictive dialer tool, visit its website right away and make your purchase!   888-276-1370



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