Top Strategies on Improving Agent Efficiency in Call Center Industry

Efficiency is one of the most important factors in every call center firm. Whenever agents are efficient, they can reach their goals properly while avoiding burnout from their workload. On the contrary, inefficient agents can bring down a call center. If your call center is encountering hurdles in terms of profits and growth, you may need to work on overall agent efficiency rate.

Here are some strategies that you can apply to improve your agents’ efficiency rate:

Focus on Agent’s Happiness

Happiness is the defining factor for everyone. If a person is not happy with his job, there’s a big chance that he’ll be inefficient. At worse, the unhappy person may leave the company and other important tasks dangling. Once you invest in your agent’s happiness, you’re taking a big yet gradual leap towards better efficiency. If your agent is happy, he’ll be willing to walk the extra mile. This could mean more tasks completed, more satisfied clients, higher company value, and higher profits in the long run.

De-Clutter Agent’s Desktop

More often than not, the agent’s desktop can determine if he can work efficiently or not. Spend time checking the agent’s desktop. Does it have too many applications unrelated to work? If none, are his work tools properly segregated to save more time? Based on many studies, a de-cluttered desktop can pave the way to better agent efficiency. Just make sure to relay your de-cluttering orders in a proper and formal manner.

Create Interesting Yet Solution-Focused Meetings

Meetings have a lukewarm disposition in the call center arena. Some agents think that meetings can drain productivity rates and pointless. Most agents are also distracted during meetings. If you’re going to run meetings, you have to make sure that they’re interesting and solution-oriented at the same time. Don’t run long-winded meetings that can stretch for more than an hour. Remember that one work hour lost can mean precious resources down the drain. To create better meetings, you need to keep things organized. Inject humor reasonably; this will attempt to humanize the meeting and build long-term rapport to your agents (especially the new ones). Your contact center meetings should drive efficiency, rather than drain it.

Have the Agent Focus on Gathering Targeted Information

Many agents fall in the trap of gathering too much data. This will lead to data overload and defeat the purpose of giving the best value to all customers. You must train your agents to gather targeted information; agents should turn their attention towards the most important details, followed by less important ones. Gathering targeted information can raise efficiency by a huge percentage.

Create Online Self-Service Programs for Your Customers

Sometimes, efficiency is indirectly affected by your company’s service mechanics. Whenever customers visit your website, they must get the proper information right away. They should be ‘primed’ about their troubles and concerns. Whenever the customers can’t find answers they’re looking for, that should be the time when they’ll submit inquiries to your agents. If you have self-sustaining online programs, your agents can focus on being efficient at their tasks.

Applying these efficiency strategies is just the beginning of your call center’s progressive rise. The real challenge is how you can implement these strategies continuously. Once you stop, the momentum stops as well – this can affect the growth of your call center negatively. So, gear up and include these strategies in your playbook.   888-276-1370



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