The 10 Best Cities In America To Be Single

Are you on the hunt for that special someone but feel like you don’t know where to look?

Well, prepare to get scientific in your search, because WalletHub has got you covered. Their data team crunched the numbers on the 150 most populated U.S. cities using 29 key indicators to uncover the best cities to be single. From the cost of a restaurant meal to the share of population that’s single, it’s all factored in to find you a connection.

  • 1 San Francisco, California
    LEMAIRE Stphane / via Getty Images
  • 2 Orlando, Florida
    LatitudeStock – Bill Bachmann via Getty Images
  • 3 Seattle, Washington
    welcomia via Getty Images
  • 4 San Diego, California
    Ron Chapple Stock via Getty Images
  • 5 Boston, Massachusetts
    MIHAI ANDRITOIU via Getty Images
  • 6 Austin, Texas
    RoschetzkyIstockPhoto via Getty Images
  • 7 Las Vegas, Nevada
    Dynamic Graphics via Getty Images
  • 8 Phoenix, Arizona
    Dreamframer via Getty Images
  • 9 Miami, Florida
    Rauluminate via Getty Images
  • 10 Los Angeles, California
    Matteo Colombo via Getty Images
  • For a ranking of all 150 cities, head over to WalletHub.

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