Mighty Networks founder Gina Bianchini on building a business in Silicon Valley

In episode two of Founders Corner, Gina Bianchini, the founder and CEO of Mighty Networks, joins host and Omidyar Network partner Shripriya Mahesh to discuss her mission of empowering people to connect around their passions, and pulls back the curtain on how she runs the business and manages her days as CEO.

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Gina has a storied history building social networks and communities online. Before launching Mighty Networks, she and Marc Andreessen co-founded the pioneering social platform Ning, which under her leadership grew to 90 million people across 300,000 active communities in entertainment, politics and education.

In our conversation, Gina shares her unique perspective on building a company in a competitive market, how she approaches recruiting from a career development standpoint, why she starts each and every morning thinking about the big picture and the importance of finding time to listen to customers.

Founders Corner brings you bite-size lessons and relatable tales from todays premier founders and CEOs so you can get ahead of tomorrows roadblocks and build a great company faster than ever before. Listen to the latest episode above, and subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud and Overcast to get new episodes.

Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2017/07/19/mighty-networks-founder-gina-bianchini-on-building-a-business-in-silicon-valley/


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