Ann Coulter believes Delta flap was politically motivated, posts insider info from ‘flight attendant’

Ann Coulter doesnt appear to be dropping her crusade against Delta anytime soon, and now shes armed with alleged insider knowledge as to why her roomier seat was given to another passenger aboard a recent flight.

According to a text conversation Coulter posted to Twitter on Tuesday, an unnamed flight attendant claimed that Coulter was targeted on purpose to make her life miserable.


BEWARE OF @DELTA REPUBLICANS, Coulter captioned the Twitter photo of the text exchange. Texts from a flight attendant: It was political. @Delta still wont give a reason.

The text conversation in Coulters tweet appears to be taking place between a flight attendant and his/her friend, the latter of whom is inquiring into the circumstances that led to Coulters seating re-assignment.

[] someone at the Delta desk saw Anns name and picked it on purpose? Is there a randomizer when it comes to these situations?

No, someone noticed her, and just wanted to be a jerk amd [sic] make her life miserable, responded the flight attendant.

Thats what I figured, remarked the friend.

Yeah, I said that on several secret FB groups of [XXX Airline] employees, they were all hating on Ann, and when I defended her, we went back & forth, wrote the flight attendant. And at the end, they acknowledged that it was a Delta employee who targeted Ann on purpose.


Coulter herself has not revealed the source of her information, or who exactly is doing the texting, but the conversations validity is already being called into question by Twitter users in the posts comments.

Coulters problems with Delta began on Saturday afternoon, after the roomy exit-row seat she reserved on her flight from New York to West Palm Beach, Fla., was given away to a fellow passenger without any explanation, compensation or apology, she claimed on Twitter. She also told her followers that Deltda was the worst airline in America, and tweeted out a photo of the passenger that would up taking her seat on the flight.

Delta initially addressed Coulters complaints on Sunday afternoon, tweeting that they would refund her the $30 she paid for her preferred seat, and blasting her for the unacceptable and unnecessary remarks about Deltas crew and passengers.

The airline also released a statement later that evening, in which it apologized for the seating situation, attributing it to a simple mix-up. Delta also wrote that it was disappointed that the customer has chosen to publicly attack our employees and other customers by posting derogatory and slanderous comments and photos in social media.

Coulter, however, claimed that Delta was lying so much during an appearance on Tuesdays edition of Fox and Friends, and reiterated that she has yet to hear an explanation or obtain an apology from the airline.

A representative for Delta Air Lines declined to comment on the matter any further.

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