Cloud Contact Center Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Cloud contact centers have benefited all major industries, especially small and medium businesses (SMBs). With thousands of contact centers established around the world, many SMBs gained potential competitive edge and various options to reach their target customers. Even though contact centers became valuable, not all SMBs are using such services. Based on different studies, many SMB owners are still unaware of the benefits of cloud contact center solutions. Such lack of objective awareness can lead to missed opportunities for business growth.

If you have a startup small or midsize business, you should avail the services of a reliable cloud contact center. Listed below are the advantages that contact centers can bring to your business:

Business Productivity Improvement

Productivity is one of the measurable factors that can impact your business. As your business becomes more productive, you’ll have more opportunities to build networks and secure profitable deals. By securing the service offered by a cloud contact center, your business will have a massive productivity boost. The contact center will take care of different processes like customer service, helpdesk assistance, tech support, and lead generation.

Better Customer Interaction

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. If you customers’ needs are satisfied, they’ll become loyal to your business for many years to come. A cloud contact center will help your business establish proper interaction level with customers. Call center agents are usually trained enough to handle all inquiries of the customers and provide solutions to their problems immediately.

Enhanced Brand Retention

If customers are satisfied with your services and the way you manage their inquiries, your brand will be gradually remembered. Contact center agents are professionally trained to handle all customer requests in ways that the clients normally require. The good thing about cloud contact centers is their flexible approaches in making your brand known. You’re free to discuss strategies and certain brand milestones that you want to reach.

More Profits

While virtual call centers won’t bring more profits immediately, the outcome can be reached after few months. As your inquiries and service requests are properly handled by your trusted call center, customers will eventually do business with you. In turn, this could mean more substantial profits.

Cost Reduction

Instead of forming your own in-house customer service relay, a cloud call center is a better option. This way, you can reduce your business costs and allocate much-needed resources to other factors. With hundreds of virtual call centers to choose from, you can freely determine the price range fit for your business. Basically, virtual call centers are about 55% cheaper than on-site call center services.

The CallShaper Advantage for SMBs

When it comes to business advantage, CallShaper is a solutions provider that you can trust. With its array of powerful features, CallShaper can help your business grow in just few months. Some of the features that you’ll encounter are top-notch lead management tactics, user-friendly interface, flexible supervisor controls, predictive dialer system, campaign reporting, and agent monitoring functions. CallShaper’s dedication for continuous service excellence definitely makes it stand out from other competitors.

Are you now convinced of the usefulness of contact center solutions? If yes, then you should take action immediately. Your competitors are probably seeking call center solutions and gaining many steps ahead in the market.

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Top Strategies on Improving Agent Efficiency in Call Center Industry

Efficiency is one of the most important factors in every call center firm. Whenever agents are efficient, they can reach their goals properly while avoiding burnout from their workload. On the contrary, inefficient agents can bring down a call center. If your call center is encountering hurdles in terms of profits and growth, you may need to work on overall agent efficiency rate.

Here are some strategies that you can apply to improve your agents’ efficiency rate:

Focus on Agent’s Happiness

Happiness is the defining factor for everyone. If a person is not happy with his job, there’s a big chance that he’ll be inefficient. At worse, the unhappy person may leave the company and other important tasks dangling. Once you invest in your agent’s happiness, you’re taking a big yet gradual leap towards better efficiency. If your agent is happy, he’ll be willing to walk the extra mile. This could mean more tasks completed, more satisfied clients, higher company value, and higher profits in the long run.

De-Clutter Agent’s Desktop

More often than not, the agent’s desktop can determine if he can work efficiently or not. Spend time checking the agent’s desktop. Does it have too many applications unrelated to work? If none, are his work tools properly segregated to save more time? Based on many studies, a de-cluttered desktop can pave the way to better agent efficiency. Just make sure to relay your de-cluttering orders in a proper and formal manner.

Create Interesting Yet Solution-Focused Meetings

Meetings have a lukewarm disposition in the call center arena. Some agents think that meetings can drain productivity rates and pointless. Most agents are also distracted during meetings. If you’re going to run meetings, you have to make sure that they’re interesting and solution-oriented at the same time. Don’t run long-winded meetings that can stretch for more than an hour. Remember that one work hour lost can mean precious resources down the drain. To create better meetings, you need to keep things organized. Inject humor reasonably; this will attempt to humanize the meeting and build long-term rapport to your agents (especially the new ones). Your contact center meetings should drive efficiency, rather than drain it.

Have the Agent Focus on Gathering Targeted Information

Many agents fall in the trap of gathering too much data. This will lead to data overload and defeat the purpose of giving the best value to all customers. You must train your agents to gather targeted information; agents should turn their attention towards the most important details, followed by less important ones. Gathering targeted information can raise efficiency by a huge percentage.

Create Online Self-Service Programs for Your Customers

Sometimes, efficiency is indirectly affected by your company’s service mechanics. Whenever customers visit your website, they must get the proper information right away. They should be ‘primed’ about their troubles and concerns. Whenever the customers can’t find answers they’re looking for, that should be the time when they’ll submit inquiries to your agents. If you have self-sustaining online programs, your agents can focus on being efficient at their tasks.

Applying these efficiency strategies is just the beginning of your call center’s progressive rise. The real challenge is how you can implement these strategies continuously. Once you stop, the momentum stops as well – this can affect the growth of your call center negatively. So, gear up and include these strategies in your playbook.   888-276-1370


Top 5 Predictive Dialer Systems for Outbound Call Centers

Predictive dialers have been around for more than 10 years now. They are simple systems that can assist contact center representatives in handling all calls smoothly. Basically, a predictive dialer software or system ‘speed-dials’ a contact number in one or few buttons clicks. Without predictive dialer software, calls will take twice as long to be initiated. This can delay many transactions worldwide.

If you just built your outbound call center from scratch, you need to find the best predictive dialer system to help you out. To start your search for the best predictive dialer software for outbound call centers, here are some suggestions:

Electronic Voice Services

EVS or Electronic Voice Services has always been the ‘go-to’ when it comes to predictive dialing. The system offers a flexible predictive dialer interface, along with a host of other outbound call center solutions. With the full functionality of EVS, your agents can call multiple leads at once, thus saving valuable time. EVS also covers email marketing, advanced lead generation, call monitoring, and useful CRM functions.


VanillaSoft is a VOIP-based predictive dialer solution that can match your different needs. At first glance, you may think that VanillaSoft is just a simple all-around dialer system. However, this tool can achieve many different functions as well. CRM is the strong point of VanillaSoft, and it can compete with other popular predictive dialer tools in the market. It also has a free trial service so you can check out if VanillaSoft can fit your center’s needs.


CallFire is a modern solution for outbound call centers. Aside from a solid predictive dialing interface, CallFire offers sharp CRM integration function that still needs to be toppled. CallFire is the favorite of big businesses, but it’s quickly gaining ground in the small business arena as well. CallFire also offers cloud-based functions for better center performance.


If you’re going to round up a list of the best predictive dialers in the market, you’ll notice that Five9 usually appears. And why not? Five9 has excellent VOIP and predictive dialer functions in the market. Its predictive dialer interface also comes with various flexible modes that can fit any outbound call center’s foundation. Five9 also empowers social media integration, causing it to branch out to other areas of marketing. Award-winning Salesforce has also partnered with Five9 to serve more clients around the world.


CallShaper is the possible combination of all modern predictive dialer aspects. It has a powerful system that jumps from predictive dialing to advanced call monitoring procedures. Most of its services are cloud-based so you don’t have to worry about losing any valuable data. CallShaper’s creativity can be seen in terms of agent efficiency mechanics. Agents and supervisors can access CallShaper’s dashboard freely and with a lesser learning curve.


With many contenders in the market, it can be difficult to find the best option for your money. Therefore, you need to juggle different factors that’d matter best for your call center. Once you found a dynamic and versatile predictive dialer tool, visit its website right away and make your purchase!   888-276-1370


The Types of Dialers in Every Modern Contact Center

Every outbound contact center must have a dialer system in place. Without this system, there will be no automation and transactions might be lost. Therefore, you should consider finding the best dialers in call center industry so that your center’s operation will become as smooth as possible.

Before you start your search, you need to understand the main types of dialer software. Upon doing so, you’ll know which service provider can match your center’s needs.

Preview Dialer

Preview dialer is the most common type of outbound dialing interface. With this mode, agents can have a preview of the call information before the call is automatically initiated. Preview dialing system is popular in financial collection agencies because the agents need to know everything about the person they’re calling. Generally, preview dialing can benefit outbound agents because of the informational advantage.

Predictive Dialer

When it comes to productivity, predictive dialing is the best feature. Once an agent finishes a call, a new one will be initiated as long as the queue is full. To balance out the rate of incoming calls, an algorithm is placed by the software provider. This algorithm can be adjusted according to the speed required by the contact center. Most times, this pacing adjustment is done automatically. Perhaps one of the downsides of the predictive dialer system is the small rate of call abandonment. This is a common issue among global outbound contact centers. Nevertheless, global centers – especially big ones – are regulating this call abandonment problem.

Progressive Dialer

Progressive dialing is similar to predictive dialing in many ways. It can handle calls in lightning-speed and the algorithm is also adjusted variably. The only difference is that a progressive dialer system is specialized to minimize unanswered and ‘silent calls.’ Whenever a call is not answered within few seconds, the system disconnects. Afterwards, a new call will be loaded in the queue. Progressive dialing is useful in fast-paced sales environment where pitches and upselling happen in just seconds.

Power Dialer

The power dialing system is considered as a universal term for call platforms that can handle different variances. In a way, power dialers combine call speed, efficiency, and a host of other useful call monitoring processes. Power dialing can also focus on the volume of calls received by the platform, regardless of whether these calls are answered or not. Many companies choose power dialers because of the conversions and profits they can bring. In today’s contact center industry, power dialers are highly encouraged because they can help agents reach their daily goals. However, if you’re looking for a specific solution, a power dialing program can sometimes be‘overkill.’ So, make sure that you have an idea regarding the correct dialer system that’d fit your center.

Conclusion – Pick All Modes

While outbound dialing providers will have varying functionality rates on all dialer modes, there’s a chance that you can find one system that covers everything. Once you find this software, do not hesitate. Request a demo right away or avail the free trial. Such flexible system can give your call center a respective edge in the market.   888-276-1370


Call Center Tech – A Concise 10-Year Prediction

The call center industry is a fast-progressing arena that’s also filled with many hurdles and challenges. The industry focuses on the grounds of communication and expands into the realm of customer service. In the next ten years, there are some better prediction ideas that call center experts are banking on. If you’re planning to build your own virtual call center, you’ll gain many advantages by knowing what would possibly happen in the next 10 years.

Home-based Centers Will Become Common

Technology is rapidly improving year by year. You probably know that many home-based professions are now appearing like apples waiting to be picked. While on-site call centers will still be around, home-based centers are becoming the norm. Technology, even though expensive, is becoming more accessible for many people. Clients are also looking for cheaper yet reliable alternatives, shifting their focus to virtual call centers instead. Telecommuting will also be more favorable to agents because they wouldn’t need to leave the comfort and security of their homes.

Systems Can Monitor Agents’ Welfare

With technology changing for the better, it’s expected that call center infrastructure can monitor agents’ welfare as well. This can be done through proper behavioral analysis embedded in the center’s performance monitoring system. Constant feedback gathering is also important for the centers to understand what their agents are currently going through. While a system like this can eat up large resources and manpower, it can change the agents’ overall efficiency and productivity ratings. Aside from monitoring, resolution methods must be freely implemented by supervisors and managers.

Online Chat Inquiries Can Replace Phone Calls

The Internet has attained more power than ever. It paved the way for global communications, bridging one industry to another. Many businesses flourished with the help of the cyberspace, shifting inherent value to online communication. The average phone call is now reduced to minimal process of data exchange. In the next ten years, you’ll see heavy emphasis in online chat inquiries. People would expect results quickly and in just one window – as much as possible.

Ease of Access Can Be a Strong Conversion Factor

According to many marketing experts, customers are investing their trust to products and services that can make their lives easy. Ease of access has now become a strong conversion factor. Given this factor, you’ll see hundreds of call centers improving their services to make everything easy for their customers. You might as well do the same for your call center.

The Rise of Omnichannel Communication

Omnichannel communication is an emerging trend, not just in call center, but in other sectors as well. Video conferences, online meetings, productivity chatrooms, webinars – these are some of the best examples of omnichannel communication. Rather than meet face to face, agents can receive orders from superiors through the cloud. Organizations relying on omnichannel frameworks must have a coherent system to ensure that every detail is properly delivered. The shift to omnichannel communication is happening so quick that you might see results in five years, instead of ten.

Do you think all of these predictions make sense? Take note of these predictions, then consider putting them in your business plan. Very likely, your contact center will become more competitive in presenting solutions to all customers and agents alike.   888-276-1370