Heres Which Harry Potter Character You Are Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

ISTJ You are Harry Potter

Principled, single-minded and selflessly devoted to the pursuit of justice, Harry was a textbook ISTJ. Though he was not always a fan of the spotlight hed been forced into, Harry took his role as a warrior against dark magic incredibly seriously. He was prepared to go to any lengths necessary to defend what he believed to be right demonstrating classic ISTJ conduct.

INFP You are Luna Lovegood

Romantic, speculative and perceptive of connections that evaded others, Luna Lovegood was a classic INFP. Though her head-in-the-clouds nature was certainly an exaggeration of the norm for this type, she was anything but shallow or unintelligent. Luna was sharp, fearless and loyal where it mattered and throughout the Harry Potter series, it mattered a lot.

ENTP You are Fred and George Weasley

Clever, opportunistic and mischievous to the core, Fred and George Weasley were clear-cut ENTPs. They saw opportunities absolutely everywhere and considered no idea too fanciful to bring to fruition. Their quick wit and personable natures kept them out of any trouble that they encountered they were the ultimate Harry Potter bad boys and they pulled it off with the effortless charm that only ENTPs can truly manage.

ESTJ You are Minerva McGonagall

Sharp, strict and fiercely protective of her loved ones, Professor McGonagall displayed all the best traits of a well-developed ESTJ. She didnt mind looking like the bad guy when it came to discipline, so long as it served the greater good of protecting those under her watch. She made every decision based on logic and loyalty the two main principles that governed her life.

INFJ You are Albus Dumbledore

Wise, introspective and eerily adept at understanding the motivations of others, Dumbledore was the epitome of a well-developed INFJ. He was fiercely analytical when it came to determining right from wrong and he was frequently able to see things in a universal scheme rather than simply referring to what was immediately apparent. Dumbledores wise, protective nature represented the INFJ archetype in its most developed form.

ESFP You are Ron Weasley

Adaptive, present-oriented and sometimes entirely indecisive, Ron offered a sweet portrayal of the loyal ESFP type. Though his bravery wasnt always center stage, Ron was willing to put his own needs (and fears) aside to battle alongside his loved ones. Hed always rather be doing something than dwelling on something, which makes him the perfect companion and sidekick for the no-nonsense ISTJ Harry.

ISFP You are Rubeus Hagrid

Sweet, protective half-giant Hagrid offered an unconventional look at the ISFP personality type. While he was certainly an introverted personality living alone always suited him best he became passionately involved with any neglected creature he came across and held the people (and animals) he loved close. Hagrids spacey yet devoted attitude was a breath of fresh air in the Harry Potter series just as ISFPs so often are in real life.

ESFJ You are Molly Weasley

Selfless, worrisome and above all else endlessly devoted to her family, Molly Weasley portrayed the tried and true ESFJ mother archetype. Every scene we saw Molly in showed her fussing over one of her children or loved ones she wanted nothing more than to know that the people she cared about were happy, healthy and taken care of. She was an undeniable extroverted feeler.

ISTP You are Cedric Diggory

Coordinated, rational and naturally perceptive of systems in his external environment, Cedric Diggory was an excellent example of the ISTP personality. His natural inclination towards cracking codes and surmounting physical obstacles made him a shoe-in for the Triwizard Tournament until, of course, he died in it.

ENFJ You are Lily Evans Potter

Though Lily Potter appeared only in flashback scenes throughout the series, her personality was undeniably reminiscent of the ENFJ type. Outspoken, empathetic and just, Lily was the quintessential mentor personality. She exceeded her peers in maturity and stuck up unabashedly for the underdog. Lily was adept at seeing the good in people and was self-sacrificial to a fault after all, her extroverted feeling was precisely what kept Harry alive.

ESTP You are Ginny Weasley

Outgoing, athletic and action-oriented to a fault, Ginny offered an interesting perspective on the ESTP personality portrayed in a female character. Despite being the youngest of a large family of wizards, Ginny didnt let anyone push her around. She knew what she wanted in life and never hesitated in going after it she displayed the epitome of the ESTP attitude.

ENTJ You are Draco Malfoy

Decisive, analytical and naturally socially dominant, Draco Malfoy offered a fantastic portrayal of the ENTJ personality. In his younger days, Draco drew on his extroverted thinking to follow in the path of his villainous father and establish himself as an alpha personality. In his later years, Draco showed a drastic development in both introverted intuition and introverted feeling, which caused him to re-evaluate the dark direction in which his life was headed. Dracos character developed drastically throughout the Harry Potter series, offering a glimpse of the ENTJ personality at both its worst and in flashes its best.

ENFP You are Nymphadora Tonks

Quick-tempered, passionate and fiercely devoted to whatever cause she took on, Nymphadora Tonks offered a spot-on portrayal of the ENFP personality. Though clumsy and unconventional by nature, Tonks got by on her metamorphic abilities she could quickly change into whatever form she needed to take on to achieve her objective. Her unorthodox transformational abilities were an oddly perfect metaphor for the ever-changing, fiercely determined personality of the ENFP.

INTP You are Remus Lupin

Guarded, analytical and tirelessly philosophical, Remus Lupin offered the best portrayal of an INTP that J.K. Rowling was willing to give us throughout the Harry Potter series. Lupin desired a logical solution for everything and despaired when logic failed him his decision to marry Tonks, for example, was one that he deeply regretted after realizing his child may be born a werewolf. Though he was stood behind the Order of the Phoenix, Lupin wasnt one to believe whatever he heard he took all new information with a grain of salt, which is an undeniable INTP trait.

ISFJ You are Dobby

Dutiful, nurturing and endlessly devoted to the people whose morals he believed in, Dobby was the undeniable embodiment of an ISFJ personality. Though its arguable that all house elves displayed ISFJ-like qualities, Dobby seemed to feel them on an absolute core level. Right to the end of his life, Dobby was focused on serving the people he loved. He was happiest when he was helping the people he loved a classic ISFJ trait.

INTJ You are Severus Snape

One of the most brilliantly developed characters in the series, Severus Snape portrays a fantastic example of the sharp, calculating INTJ. Though cold and distant by nature, Snape displayed his loyalties through a clever deception of the Dark Lord. He was able to manipulate one of the most powerful wizards of all-time a feat that could only truly be managed by a type as intuitive and stealthy as the INTJ.

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Fear the Walking Dead recap: season two, episode five Captive

Travis and Alicia find themselves locked up thanks to someone from their past, and Madison is hellbent on coming to their rescue

Madison and the Abigails crew on a daring raid of the Dread Pirate Connor. A zombie switcheroo involving a hood and some dirty work. And yet something was missing from this episode, like a BLT without mayonnaise: all the ingredients in place but missing that special sauce to hold it together and make the whole sandwich worthwhile.

Fear the Walking Dead is a show without a mission. Everyones trying to make it to a sanctuary in Mexico, but is their true hope really to escape into some corner of this new world, or to adapt within it? Most of the moral dilemmas theyve faced about survival and sacrifice have come straight out of the original Walking Deads recipe, and Fear has yet to find a reason why we should make time to tune in.

He had this sense about you

Luckily, its characters have started to blossom. Alicia showed impressive gumption while trapped in the dry-docked boat, running out of the locked room and escaping off the boat into the water and freedom, in a ride that wouldnt be out of place in Typhoon Lagoon.

She also impressed us with her ability to manipulate Jack, bending his affection to get him to help her escape and then ditching him at the last minute. She even beat him over the head, like the worlds most ornery cruise director, and locked that woman in the brig for eating her steak. But staying with Connor might not have been the worst idea: his plan for the end of the world was apparently to recruit young, attractive people for a post-apocalyptic beach party. Burning Man where the people with a dead look in their eyes should really be avoided.

Stop treating them like children

Madisons biggest problem, other than having a Coachella organizer kidnap her daughter and her boyfriend, was that her son Nick took off to find Strands friend Luis.

This may be the dumbest plot the show has attempted so far. Shouldnt it make Madison happy that Nick is getting good at surviving in a terrifying world? I get that she wants to keep her kids consciences clean, but she also needs to accept reality and let Nick help her out of all the scrapes shes going to land everybody in.

You knew what would happen

Alex is back! Turns out that Connor and the gang found the Abigail not only because Alicia ran her mouth on the radio, but because Alex, literally left adrift by Strand amid his fears that her burn-victim friend wouldnt survive, helped the pirates out.

If it was a small world before the plague, its only gotten smaller. Alex fits Connors apparent requirements (young, attractive), so he evidently wants her in whatever cult it is hes running. Travis blurts out an apology, Alex explains her awful story of strangling a friend to end his misery, and Travis explains that he did the same to his ex.

It cost a part of me. I want that part back, he says. Sorry, buddy, but youre never going to get that part back, and the sooner you learn that, the sooner this show will get a little bit more exciting.

Alexs return hasnt much affected the plot so far, but she does land an amazing line as she leaves Travis cell: Connor told me he could use me. People dont use me.

Is Alex going to be the new boss of this clan, with a score to settle with Strand and the Abigail? Maybe shell chase them all the way to Mexico and blow up Strands fancy villa in retribution. No matter her role, shes pissed, and in this world, that cannot end well for our band of ostensible heroes.

That is what we do now

Ofelias vow to spill blood and spill blood again was the blunt theme of tonights episode, not to mention this season: helping Nick sop up some gory mess is about all she has done all year. Shes in dire need of a reason to be on this show, or someones going to throw her overboard.

Her line is, of course, about Chris shooting Reed, AKA Connors brother and the Abigails would-have-been captive for ransom. Chris, on the other hand, feels bad only in that he didnt shoot him and the pregnant woman before they boarded the boat and blamed him for the hostage crisis. He makes up for this regret by killing one of them.

Again, for the record, Chris remains the worst. Not only did he disobey Daniels orders and engage the captive Reed, he shot the guy and almost kept his father and sort-of-stepsister from rejoining the group. On top of that, he missed, taking off half the poor goys jaw. Chris cant do anything right, even when hes doing something wrong.

Daniel, at least, turns the zombie Reed into something useful. Not only does his zombie-in-a-bag trick help rescue Alicia and Travis, it takes out Connor and one of his henchmen. The whole kerfuffle showed that Madison and her troupe are far better prepared and ruthless than the others. Now if we only cared about their mission, this show might be so good.

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5 things to know about Cinco de Mayo

(CNN)Guacamole and fajitas. Mexican flags and mariachi bands. Margaritas, beer — and more beer. (Sometimes with lime, thanks to that clever marketing campaign.)

It’s May 5, and America is celebrating Cinco de Mayo — but why?
The Mexican holiday is still celebrated in Mexico, but the local tributes pale next to the giant celebration in the United States, complete with restaurant specials, high-volume advertising and endless promotion. Here are five things you should know about May 5.
1. It’s not Mexican Independence Day.
Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican victory over France (of all countries) at the Battle of Puebla, May 5, 1862.
Mexico had been invaded by Spain, France and Great Britain in late 1861, but within six months Spain and Britain had pulled out. With the U.S. Civil War raging north of the Mexican border, the French decided to take advantage of the chaos and invade Mexico, which had been torn apart by war in the late 1850s.
The French made inroads in April 1862, but in May, at the town of Puebla — about 85 miles east of Mexico City — a small Mexican army under the command of Ignacio Zaragoza defeated a larger French contingent. It was a classic David-over-Goliath victory, and it’s been celebrated ever since for its symbolic value … even though the French did eventually take over Mexico and establish the short-lived Second Mexican Empire under the Emperor Maximilian.
Mexican Independence Day, incidentally, is celebrated September 16.
2. It’s got a Texas connection.
Zaragoza was born in what’s now Goliad, Texas, about 60 miles due north of Corpus Christi. In 1999, the Texas Senate declared it the official place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
And celebrate it does, with live music, ballet folklorico dancers and barbecue. There’s also a giant party at the Goliad Fairgrounds.
“It has opened the doors for Goliad. It is something that we are all very proud of. That’s one of the reasons we hope our youth will continue with the traditions,” former justice of the peace Emilio Vargas told the Victoria (Texas) Advocate in 2014.
3. It’s not just a big deal in the Southwest.
Among the best and most visited Cinco de Mayo festivals in the United States are held in Chicago (where the party in Douglas Park attracts 200,000), Denver (400,000 over two days), Portland, Oregon (the Waterfront Park festival attracts 300,000), and St. Paul, Minnesota.
St. Paul, Minnesota? Yes, indeed. The city includes a neighborhood known as the District del Sol, an area in the Minnesota capital’s west side that started attracting Mexican immigrants in the early 20th century. The Latino population now numbers more than 25,000 — close to 10% of the city, according to St. Paul Historical — and the Cinco de Mayo festival takes up two days.
4. Why so American?
Though Americans have been celebrating Cinco de Mayo practically since the battle ended — especially in the West — it was largely unknown in most parts of the U.S. until the 1960s, when Mexican-American activists started raising its profile. It’s become a way to celebrate pride in the community.
But, the United States being what it is, it’s also a great marketing opportunity. In 2014, Cinco de Mayo (or the nearest Friday, anyway) happened to be the biggest non-winter drinking day of the year, and it’s in the top five drinking holidays in general. Hey, you’ve got to have something to take the edge of the spicy food.
5. Have you considered mole poblano?
Speaking of food, don’t limit yourself to Taco Bell and nachos with refried beans. Puebla is actually one of Mexico’s best food cities, Smithsonian magazine observes, and its delicacies should be more widespread, especially on its most notable holiday.
So for Cinco de Mayo, the magazine recommends you sample the following: mole poblano, the chocolate-colored sauce that’s the city’s favorite dish; chalupas, thick tortillas with meat, salsa and onion; and chiles en nogada, fried peppers with walnut sauce, pomegranate seeds and parsley — which offers the colors of the Mexican flag.
Felices fiestas!

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