Trump Parody Account Tweets Like A Power-Crazed Medieval King

Donaeld the Unready is the unenlightened monarch of your nightmares.

A parody Twitter account imagines President Donald Trump as the best early medieval King out there. He repeatedly vows to Make Mercia Great Again while throwing shade on King Canute, the Danes and bad monk Bede.

Its unclear whos behind the account, which began tweeting on Saturday and garnered more than 21,000 followers in its first 72 hours.

Check out some of the funniest posts below, and read the rest of thetweets here.

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Trump’s sons involved in interviewing, vetting Cabinet candidates

New York (CNN)Donald Trump’s sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, are actively involved in his transition efforts, sources say — raising questions about their dual role in his administration and businesses.

Donald Trump Jr. helped vet and interview candidates for the interior secretary position, a source familiar with the process confirmed, and Eric Trump was present for at least one meeting for secretary of state between his father and Mitt Romney.
CNN reported last week that Trump Jr. was heavily involved in the opening at Interior, in large part due to his hunting passion. He has played a heavy role in picking that nominee, which is Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke, transition sources confirm.
The pick was expected to be a western state politician given Trump Jr.’s background. He is part of a conservationist hunting club called the Boone and Crockett Club, based in Montana, which Zinke represents. Trump Jr. and the transition have also gotten input from Montana Republican Sen. Steve Daines, who has been hunting with Trump Jr. and his son. A transition source said the Trump children’s natural inclination toward conservation was weighed heavily in the search, balanced against other traditional Republican priorities of small government and less federal control of public lands.
A source close to the process said the children’s involvement is only natural given how much Trump trusts their opinion and how well they know their father. They’ve long been a key part of his executive team at his organization, and their involvement in building his administration is an extension of that.
But at the same time, that history with the organization is exactly the problem, critics say.
Trump has faced frequent questions about how he will manage his potential conflicts of interest between his business empire and his administration. He has said he would have his children manage the company, but experts say that only a blind trust would be enough to satisfy ethical concerns — admitting that Trump’s situation is complicated.
Trump postponed a previously teased press conference planned for this week, which he had repeatedly said and tweeted would be the forum to answer questions about untangling his administration from his business dealings. The press conference will now be in January, his team says.
The new plan will reportedly involve Eric and Donald Jr. managing the business with non-family help, presumably freeing Ivanka to have a formal role in her father’s administration. She and her husband, Jared Kushner, have been house hunting in Washington, and Kushner is also expected to play at least a key informal role in the administration.
But Eric and Donald Jr.’s roles in the transition have given fodder to ethics experts who say that even without their formal involvement in the administration, their closeness to their father mean there would not be enough of a firewall between the business and the White House.
The transition did not respond to a request for comment about the potential conflicts.
The Democratic National Committee criticized the role of Trump’s children in the transition.
“Donald Trump’s adult children cannot run the business and simultaneously have a role in Donald Trump’s transition without the appearance President-elect Trump’s decisions are for the good of the Trump Organization instead of the country,” said Eric Walker, DNC deputy communications director in a statement.
Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric were also all seen in a meeting Trump held with big Silicon Valley executives Wednesday at Trump Tower.
Sean Spicer, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee who has been working closely with the Trump team on the transition, told CNN’s Kate Bolduan that only “sneaky” dealings are a problem.
“You tell everyone, here’s what’s going on, here’s the process, here are the people that are playing a role, that’s being transparent,” Spicer said. “Conflicts of interest arise when you’re not — when you’re sneaky about it, when you’re shady about it, when you’re not transparent about it.”

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White Privilege And Inclusion In The Wedding Industry

So something pretty interesting happened last week. A well-known conference for wedding industry creatives, Creative at Heart, posted its speaker line-up on Instagram, encouraging folks to sign up for early bird registration. The photo shows a grid of 26 smiling faces, all of them white. The post inspired 95 comments and counting. After a handful of yay!s, woo!s, and heart-emojis, Stacy Reeves wrote, “Extremely disappointing to see a sea of caucasian faces with no diversity. You are not creating an inclusive and welcoming place for women of color here.” Mic drop.

Many others started chiming in, questioning whether people of color were welcome at such a conference, referring the conference organizers to talented people of color, and critiquing the use of “cuties” by the organizers to describe the speakers. Some stated they would not attend such a conference, and others said they had given up on industry conferences altogether.

The conference organizers scrambled to respond, at first thanking individuals for “sharing your heart,” ensuring they valued the feedback, and encouraging public commenters to take their concerns to the private medium of email. Kinzie Ferguson, the Empowerment Photographer, challenged this saying, “There is not enough dialogue around these issues right now, which is contributing to our social and political climate where black people’s voices are being silenced and dismissed. This conversation should ABSOLUTELY be happening out loud and not taken to email.”

That’s when the conference organizers let down their guard and responded publicly: “We have never intentionally NOT invited women of color to participate on a higher level within C@H (as a panelist, speaker, etc.), however, we absolutely accept full responsibility and sincerely apologize for not being intentional about ensuring that our conference is as diverse as possible and that women of all colors, shapes and sizes are represented well.” They go on to encourage folks to apply to be speakers through their website.

Commenters went on to say that they weren’t asking for much, they simply wanted some basic inclusion. No major brainstorming sesh was required, just invite some POC speakers, and by the way here’s like five people that would be perfect.

The wedding industry is segregated. It’s not surprising to me that the C@H organizers said they never intentionally excluded, but it’s clear they never intentionally included. White privilege means never having to think about race, and usually no one will ever ask you to. If you want to ignore race relations in our country, you can, and there are no direct consequences. If you want to plan a conference featuring speakers directly from your primarily white network, you’ll still fill the seats.

Using the language of “hurt feelings” and “sharing your heart” minimizes a serious critique of systemic racism by individualizing it. While it’s true that being excluded and undervalued repeatedly throughout one’s entire life hurts no matter how many defenses an individual builds up, the conversation taking place was much bigger than one or two people’s personal feelings. And yet, the solution is quite simple. Commenters want to see some people of color in your line up.

It doesn’t seem so hard, but maybe what it’s asking for is a shift in power. Rather than sit back as organizers of a conference and allow the applications to roll in, you may actually have to get outside of your comfort zone, do some research, and actively reach out to potential speakers of color. And yeah, it might make you feel vulnerable.

Inclusion requires first valuing diversity (or feeling enough pressure from your audience to rehab your image), and second, action.

I know firsthand that that action piece can be tough. It can be time-consuming, and the results vary. You may fear tokenizing, targeting, self doubt, or tough conversations, all of which can be the result of a white person reaching out to people of color on behalf of the white person’s project.

And some might argue that inclusion isn’t enough. Is it enough to simply have a few POC speakers if the quality of the dialogue goes unchanged, privilege goes unchecked, and discussions of race are still hushed and private? Certainly color blindness isn’t the goal like some GAP ad that makes multiculturalism palatable for white people. Others feel that representation in and of itself IS political. When you see someone like you in a leadership position, your understanding of your own self worth and potential can transform.

As a white editor of a diversity-based publication, I am certainly wrestling with these questions. While Catalyst is meant to be a platform that elevates diverse voices and perspectives, I know full well that my own identity will attract folks who more than likely look like me, too. As one of my friends and trusted advisers reminded me, an authentically diverse project requires diverse leadership.

She’s absolutely right, but given that this editing staff is a staff of one, I can no more diversify myself than I can qualify for the women’s gymnastics team at the Olympics, so for now I’m leading with humility, actively reaching out to talented contributors outside my immediate network, and working to open the channels of communication and feedback on how it’s all going. And it’s not enough; I know I have a long way to go.

I’m not interested in diversity because it’s a hot topic. I’m interested because when varying voices, perspectives, talent, and images harmonize to tell a collective story about what it means to live and love in this moment in time, the result is something wholly unique and challenging and real. It’s a little less “perfect,” a lot less pink, and the scariest part is it has the power to shake you to your core. I hope more people in weddings learn to value diversity and inclusion not because it’s expected (which it is and should be) but because it really makes us a better industry and a better, more just world.

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JFK airport: All-clear given after report of shots

New York (CNN)Police have given the all-clear at John F. Kennedy International Airport after reports of shots fired Sunday night inside Terminal 8, a New York law enforcement official told CNN.

Two people reported hearing what they thought were shots fired, law enforcement sources said. Police went floor to floor to clear the airport and ensure there was nothing to be found, a source said. Surveillance video from inside the terminal did not show any shooting.
Police from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey evacuated the terminal to be cautious, spokesman Joe Pentangelo said. There were no injuries or arrests.


Video and photos from the scene showed hundreds of stranded passengers waiting outside the terminal.
Wenjay Sung, 37, a traveler from Arcadia, California, said he came out of a bathroom around 9:30 p.m. ET Sunday and started following a stream of people walking in one direction. An airport worker started yelling at the crowd to keep moving, Sung said.
Sung did not see any law enforcement officers until “baggage claim and then I saw some more going up an escalator with very big guns.” The quick police response was reassuring, he said.
Though most people were nervous and some panicked, the scene turned into a “social atmosphere and everyone talked to everyone about the situation which made it a lot easier,” he said.
Sung said he walked away from the airport around 11 p.m.
“The highway is right next to Terminal 8 and I just followed a bunch of people,” Sung said. “There were cabs picking people (up) right off the highway and Uber drivers (were) everywhere.”
Hundreds of bags and suitcases were left behind as passengers ran out of the airport. Law enforcement officials said it’s possible that hoax 911 calls and word of mouth led to the panic. Officials are working to figure out exactly what happened, a law enforcement official said.
In addition to the Port Authority police, the New York Police Department had its Hercules Strike teams, Critical Response Command, Strategic Response Group, Emergency Service Unit and patrol cops on the scene, according to New York law enforcement officials.

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Emilia Clarke Wants Leonardo DiCaprio To Be Her Love Interest In This Movie

Stop everything you’re doing because Emilia Clarke said she wants to play James Bond.

After hearing this, I’m pretty sure I won’t accept anyone else in the role, honestly. Just think how perfect she would be as Britain’s most badass government spy.

The 29-year-old “Game of Thrones” actress told the Daily Starshe would love to play a gender-swapped version of James Bond, aka Jane Bond.

Just imagineKhaleesi as007. I’m so here for this.

BUT WAIT, IT GETS BETTER. If Emilia were Jane Bond, who would play the leading man she could have thank-you-for-rescuing-me sex with right before he dies?

Emilia said,

My ultimate leading man would be Leonardo DiCaprio. No doubt about it.

Oh my gosh, YES. I am 1,000 percent here for Leonardo DiCaprio as the very first Bond boy to Emilia Clarke’s Bond.

I would pay so much money to see that. In fact, I have my wallet out right now. Who do I give my credit card to to make this happen?

Other people areinto this idea, too.



Of course, let’s not forget Emilia was voted “Sexiest Woman Alive” last year. Sure, Leo will be beautiful forever, but it’s not 1997 anymore. Can he really keep up with all this?


Also, this is all extremely hypothetical. Even though Daniel Craig said he’s definitely done with the role, director Sam Mendes said fan input will notinfluence the casting decision.

Still, a girl can dream.