Cloud Contact Center Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Cloud contact centers have benefited all major industries, especially small and medium businesses (SMBs). With thousands of contact centers established around the world, many SMBs gained potential competitive edge and various options to reach their target customers. Even though contact centers became valuable, not all SMBs are using such services. Based on different studies, many SMB owners are still unaware of the benefits of cloud contact center solutions. Such lack of objective awareness can lead to missed opportunities for business growth.

If you have a startup small or midsize business, you should avail the services of a reliable cloud contact center. Listed below are the advantages that contact centers can bring to your business:

Business Productivity Improvement

Productivity is one of the measurable factors that can impact your business. As your business becomes more productive, you’ll have more opportunities to build networks and secure profitable deals. By securing the service offered by a cloud contact center, your business will have a massive productivity boost. The contact center will take care of different processes like customer service, helpdesk assistance, tech support, and lead generation.

Better Customer Interaction

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. If you customers’ needs are satisfied, they’ll become loyal to your business for many years to come. A cloud contact center will help your business establish proper interaction level with customers. Call center agents are usually trained enough to handle all inquiries of the customers and provide solutions to their problems immediately.

Enhanced Brand Retention

If customers are satisfied with your services and the way you manage their inquiries, your brand will be gradually remembered. Contact center agents are professionally trained to handle all customer requests in ways that the clients normally require. The good thing about cloud contact centers is their flexible approaches in making your brand known. You’re free to discuss strategies and certain brand milestones that you want to reach.

More Profits

While virtual call centers won’t bring more profits immediately, the outcome can be reached after few months. As your inquiries and service requests are properly handled by your trusted call center, customers will eventually do business with you. In turn, this could mean more substantial profits.

Cost Reduction

Instead of forming your own in-house customer service relay, a cloud call center is a better option. This way, you can reduce your business costs and allocate much-needed resources to other factors. With hundreds of virtual call centers to choose from, you can freely determine the price range fit for your business. Basically, virtual call centers are about 55% cheaper than on-site call center services.

The CallShaper Advantage for SMBs

When it comes to business advantage, CallShaper is a solutions provider that you can trust. With its array of powerful features, CallShaper can help your business grow in just few months. Some of the features that you’ll encounter are top-notch lead management tactics, user-friendly interface, flexible supervisor controls, predictive dialer system, campaign reporting, and agent monitoring functions. CallShaper’s dedication for continuous service excellence definitely makes it stand out from other competitors.

Are you now convinced of the usefulness of contact center solutions? If yes, then you should take action immediately. Your competitors are probably seeking call center solutions and gaining many steps ahead in the market.

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UK nuclear power stations ‘could be forced to close’ after Brexit

Leaving Euratom treaty will shut down nuclear industry if international safety agreements are not made in time, MPs told

Nuclear power stations would be forced to shut down if a new measures are not in place when Britain quits a European atomic power treaty in 2019, an expert has warned.

Rupert Cowen, a senior nuclear energy lawyer at Prospect Law, told MPs on Tuesday that leaving the Euratom treaty as the government has promised could see trade in nuclear fuel grind to a halt.

The UK government has said it will exit Euratom when article 50 is triggered. The treaty promotes cooperation and research into nuclear power, and uniform safety standards.

Unlike other arrangements, if we dont get this right, business stops. There will be no trade. If we cant arrive at safeguards and other principles that allow compliance [with international nuclear standards] to be demonstrated, no nuclear trade will be able to continue.

Asked by the chair of the Commons business, energy and industrial strategy select committee if that would see reactors switching off, he said: Ultimately, when their fuels runs out, yes. Cowen said that in his view there was no legal requirement for the UK to leave Euratom because of Brexit: Its a political issue, not a legal issue.

The UK nuclear industry would be crippled if new nuclear cooperation deals are not agreed within two years, a former government adviser told the committee.

Euratom explainer

There is a plethora of international agreements that would have to be struck that almost mirror those in place with Euratom, before we moved not just material but intellectual property, services, anything in the nuclear sector. We would be crippled without other things in place, said Dame Sue Ion, chair of the Nuclear Innovation and Research Advisory Board, which was established by the government in 2013.

She said movement of the industrys best intellectual talent was made easier by the UKs membership of Euratom.

The government said it was working on alternative arrangements to Euratom. Describing the notification of withdrawal as a regrettable necessity when article 50 is triggered, energy minister Jesse Norman said that the UK saw clear routes outside of Euratom to address issues such as the trade of nuclear materials.

We take this extremely seriously and are devoting serious resources [to looking at new arrangements], he told the Lords science and technology committee on Tuesday.

Tom Greatrex, chief executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, said there was a lot to be done to put in place transitional measures replacing Euratom.

What were collectively warning about is the potential for there to be a very hard two-year period during which there are lots of other things the government has to deal with, that could leave it in a position where some of these things arent in place, he said. Greatrex said one possible option was an associate membership of Euratom.

Over the weekend, the GMB union called on ministers to reconsider their foolhardy rush to leave the treaty, claiming it could endanger the UKs entire nuclear future.

But the Office for Nuclear Regulation argued there could even be be some positives to leaving Euratom, such as a reduction in bureaucracy. If we relinquish Euratom there would be reduced burden from not having to comply with directives, said David Senior, an ONR executive.

Norman also promised a decision was due soon on the next stage of a delayed multimillion-pound government competition for mini nuclear reactors, known as small modular reactors. I love the projects and ideas but I want to be shown the value, he told the peers.

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At 140 a mile, how does Elon Musks moon trip compare with other journeys?

From car to rail, its hard to find a terrestrial journey that matches SpaceXs astronomical cost

It is a stratospheric sum but it does, at least, include the return journey. Elon Musk, the billionaire American transport visionary, has suggested that the first, so far unnamed, passengers on his SpaceX flight round the moon will pay about $70m (56m).

Musk says the journey, tentatively scheduled for 2018 on an untested Falcon Heavy rocket, will cover up to 400,000 miles, although the Apollo 13 crew, on their trip to the moon in 1970, were a record 248,655 miles from Earth, so this figure seems modest if anything. Either way, 400,000 miles (about 16 times the circumference of Earth) for 56m is equal to about 140 a mile, which is easier to fathom. But how does it compare with terrestrial journeys?

Rail: The priciest rail ticket in the UK, the home of extortionate rail travel, is reportedly 501 for the 480-mile anytime return from Shanklin on the Isle of Wight to Buxton in Derbyshire (includes the ferry). Thats a little more than 1 a mile. The most expensive season ticket by distance, from Harlow Town in Essex to London Liverpool Street, is less than 40p a mile for a full-time worker.

Car: A Ferrari F12tdf has the joint worst fuel economy, according to US government figures, with as little as 12 miles a gallon. At current pump prices, that equates to about 45p a mile. Even adding depreciation, insurance and the 340,000 cost of the car its a lot cheaper than space.

Bus: Buses are cheap, right? Not if you take the No 47 from Lewisham Park in south-east London to Lewisham Hospital, 135 metres up the road. At 1.50 that equates to almost 18 a mile.

Air: You would think air travel comes close, but the worst damage you can do on an airliner is a 55,000 return ticket from London to Melbourne (20,000 miles total) in Etihads penthouse suite. But thats only 2.75 a mile.

Tube: The closest you can get to matching the cost of lunar travel is on the London Underground. The shortest Tube journey is the 350 metres, from Covent Garden to Leicester Square. A cash ticket costs 4.90, which equates to almost 23 a mile, about a sixth of the cost of a trip to the moon and back and a lot quicker.

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Kim Dotcom extradition to US can go ahead, New Zealand high court rules

Dotcom faces up to 20 years in jail if convicted in the US of piracy, which authorities say cost copyright owners hundreds of millions of dollars

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Uber launches ‘urgent investigation’ into sexual harassment claims

Move comes after former Uber engineer Susan Fowler wrote blog outlining allegations of discrimination and sexism at cab-hailing app company

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‘JeSuisIkea’: Trump’s comments confuse Swedes as supporters cry cover-up

After Trump suggests a non-existent terrorist attack took place in Sweden, supporters claim the media is covering up migrant crimes

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Setting Up Fireworks Inside Of A Printer

This colorful explosion performed by thehypnoguy1 nearly got a million views on YouTube.

“We’ve all wanted to do this to a printer (Absolute nutters!)”

via: kraftfuttermischwerk

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