Trump reportedly asked Ronna Romney McDaniel to drop her middle name


It’s no great secret that President Donald Trump’s relationship with former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is about as sour as it gets. According to a report from the Washington Post, it sounds like the disdain has brought some collateral damage.

After winning the 2016 presidential election last November, Trump reportedly asked Ronna Romney McDaniel, the niece of the former Massachusetts governor who was taking over the job of Republican National Committee chairman from Reince Priebus, to stop using her middle name.

She clearly complied, as in a relatively quick fashion, for all public purposes, she was going by the name Ronna McDaniel, the apparently offending middle name having been excised. During the presidential transition, Trump openly consideredor at least publicly portrayed himself as consideringnaming the elder Romney as his secretary of state, dining with him at a fancy French restaurant at the end of November.